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Sandals Heels BalaMasa Lining Sandals Cold Urethane Brown Kitten Womens ASL04849 Over four million people have experienced the power of Insights so far, from the world's leading organizations.

What we do

We bring self-awareness to people, teams, leaders and organizations. That’s where business breakthroughs happen.

We provide insights for your people - increasing their self-awareness, helping them form better relationships, and becoming more effective at their jobs.

Womens Cold Kitten ASL04849 BalaMasa Heels Sandals Brown Sandals Urethane Lining Our tailored solutions will work for you; whether it's a series of workshops designed to help your teams work more productively, or a longer term program based on leadership, culture or change, we’ll deliver the breakthroughs you’ve been searching for.

Self-awareness is transformative for your people; self-aware people are transformative for your business.

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Sandals Brown Sandals Lining Cold Kitten Heels Urethane BalaMasa ASL04849 Womens We want to create a world where people truly understand themselves and others, and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do.

Facing business challenges together

If you're looking for support with teamwork, leadership, change, sales, service or employee engagement, you've come to the right place. Facing up to today's most pressing business challenges means finding the right people development partner for your organization – and it all begins with self-understanding.

Discover yourself with color!

With close to four million personal profiles produced to date, our customers know that Insights Discovery is the real deal when it comes to enhanced self-awareness. Now it's your turn.

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Developing employee relationships


Developing employee relationships

Allergan is a multi-national pharmaceutical organization that trusts Insights to position its people for success, and promote an environment of trust and communication. 

ASL04849 Kitten Urethane BalaMasa Sandals Womens Lining Heels Brown Cold Sandals Watch the video to explore the impact Insights has within the organization, with over 3,500 employees having experienced the magic of Insights Discovery to date.

To find out more about how we help companies get the very best from their people, no matter the challenges they’re facing, click the link below.

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Improving employee engagement

We helped NHS Gateshead reduce their absenteeism by 92.5%, by opening up the channels of communication between staff and reducing overwhelming stress levels.

When people learn how to adapt their approach to get the very best from their colleagues, solid business improvements follow.

Watch the video then explore the full case study to learn more.

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Developing academy athletes

We’re proud to underpin the success of British Cycling, by helping the coaches and athletes make the most of their natural gifts and leave their weaknesses behind.

Sporting success starts with self-awareness, and that’s where every Insights journey begins.

Check out our video and read about more of our customer success stories by visiting our case studies page.

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Sparking internal communication

John Lewis is famous for its commitment to great customer service. We helped them turn that people focus inside the organization, leading to better teamwork and an enhanced understanding of why others work the way that they do.

Because when people enjoy working together, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

To understand the impact that working with Insights can have on your organization click the link and check out some of our case studies.

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